Unmissable ROV Dolphins - Spy in The Pod

Unmissable ROV Dolphins - Spy in The Pod

Fans of the underwater world won't want to miss the latest documentary series by ​multi-award-winning John Downer Productions, an innovative UK media company specialising in wildlife television, feature films and commercials. 

Using hidden spy cameras designed to infiltrate the dolphins’ hidden lives by looking like the marine creatures they might encounter in their everyday lives, JDP offer a never before seen chance to go into the heart of the dolphins' world.

The series which airs on Thursdays at 20:00 GMT on BBC1 (or click here to view previously aired episodes on iPlayer) follows their previous success Penguins - Spy in The Huddle in which the same technology was used to capture the birds underwater.

If you're already hooked and can't wait until next Thursday to see more then why not take a look at this clip of the team behind Spy in the Pod discussing the unique way they captured footage of dolphins in the wild on BBC Breakfast.

Pictured: A state of the art ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) with a baby dolphin’s body built around it. It too possesses HD cameras as its eyes, as well as a two-way hydrophone and speaker system which allows it to record dolphin sounds and then play them straight back again – engaging the dolphins in conversation. Its outward appearance always intrigues the dolphins, encouraging them to stop for a closer look at this stranger in their midst!