Stratum Five SSAS Now Available From Atlantas Marine

Stratum Five SSAS Now Available From Atlantas Marine

Atlantas Marine are pleased to announce that we are now suppliers of Stratum Five SeaGuard and SeaGuard Lite SSAS

Atlantas Marine Ltd have provided our customers with SSAS airtime and hardware for 10 years from Honeywell, formerly Satamatics. Due to the termination of the INMARSAT D+ service all SSAS Mark I & Mark II units will become obsolete after 30 December 2014. Honeywell have decided not to offer a replacement SSAS system which will operate after the termination of the D+ service.

Atlantas Marine can offer customers the chance to upgrade a Honeywell SSAS to Stratum Five's SeaGuard or SeaGuard Lite which operate on the new INMARSAT IsatDataPro (IDP) Satellite network.

The Stratum Five ‘SeaGuard’ and ‘SeaGuard Lite’ offer exceptional value for money.  The hardware is competitively priced, and the airtime options offer significantly more features and functionality. SeaGuard is managed by the ship owner/manager using a web-based software program called OtiS (Online Tracking Information System).

Unlike other systems, OtiS allows you to select an unlimited number of recipients of any SSAS alerts via text to mobile phone or email.  OtiS is an online program, so it can be accessed by any computer, laptop, iPad etc. Different security levels allow access to different areas of OtiS. Features include monitoring fleet location worldwide, viewing past track history (up to 3 years), weather information, piracy activity notifications, storm notifications, and Map Views (which use a full-featured navigation chart with navigation marks, depth contours, change chart scale, & route planning features). 

We are committed to providing you with the highest service, on budget and on time. Contact us today for your quotation.