Introducing the Pro 4 ULTRA BASE

Introducing  the Pro 4 ULTRA BASE

Launched last week, the Pro 4 ULTRA BASE is a smaller, lighter version of the standard Pro 4 system; ideal for routine tasks – such as basic visual inspections or observations in normal environments down to 305m.

An ever-growing mountain of sophisticated equipment and highly specialised configurations makes the VideoRay Pro 4 capable of advanced underwater inspection tasks in some of the most extreme environments. But for those who just need a cost-effective no-frills ROV system that gets the job done simply and efficiently VideoRay have a new solution.

The Pro 4 ULTRA BASE offers users the same rugged and reliable technology as the standard Pro 4 in a slimmed down package. Weighing in at 7.2 kg, the extremely portable ULTRA BASE control panel is about 40% lighter than the standard Pro 4 Control Panel and features a slick and functional 13 inch tablet PC as the control unit.

The Pro 4 ULTRA BASE packs the same power as the VideoRay Pro 3 GTO ROV (48 volts) giving a maximum thrust to 14 lbs total and a surface speed of approx 4 knots. A light version of VideoRay Cockpit Software controls the ROV and displays the video feed. The included sunshade enhances screen visibility in bright environments.

The ULTRA BASE configuration includes:

  • Standard Pro 4 submersible

    Control Panel

  • Wireless ‘playstation’ hand controller
  • Pro 4 user manual
  • Pro 4 Basic Tool Kit
  • Sunshade

The ULTRA BASE is compatible with all new or existing VideoRay tether (not included).