Meet the New V8s

Meet the New V8s

‚ÄčLast year Atlantas Marine introduced the UK market to the Ocean Modules V8, The only ROV with 360 degree pitch and roll, allowing operation in any orientation. Spring 2013 will see an evolution of the entire Ocean Modules high performance ROV Range. The V8 Sii and V8 Offshore have become the new V8 M500 and L3000.

Precision designed, engineered and manufactured by a team with backgrounds in fighter jet and medical equipment design as well as extensive experience in the ROV market. The new V8's advanced design places a renewed emphasis on reliability.

Entirely redesigned electronics are housed in a single electronics bottle - reducing the number of subsea connectors, the weak link on any ROV. Identical circuit boards programmed for different functions keep the number of spares to a minimum. The new ROVs also feature improved diagnostic and repair features including full auto monitoring of voltages and currents, fault diagnosis, built in test facility and remote internet-based software updates.

System flexibility has also been improved in the next generation ROVs. A fibre optic tether, allows the use of HD cameras, high bandwidth Ethernet sonars, and a virtually limitless number of serial interfaces. A new larger frame improves hydrodynamic performance and offers more internal space for easy sensor and tool integration.

Click on the image below to see the new V8 M500 in action