Portable Pilot Unit Supplied To Bristol Port

Portable Pilot Unit Supplied To Bristol Port

​Atlantas Marine is proud to announce the sale of the ‘E-Sea Fix CAT III’ Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) to the Bristol Port Company.

John McCorquodale, Deputy Haven Master, said “This is the first phase in a navigation improvement system that will enable us to dock large ships with improved safety and efficiency. The RTK accuracy of the system is essential for protecting the port’s infrastructure and giving pilots greater confidence in one of the most challenging areas of the world for manoeuvring ships”.

Since 1991 the annual tonnage throughput at Bristol Port has increased from 4m tonnes to 12m tonnes and the port is now able to handle ships up to 130,000 tonnes. This impressive growth has inevitably increased  the daily workloads faced by the port’s pilots, and with plans in place for a new deep water terminal, the Bristol Port Company have decided to invest in Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) technology.  

After a careful review of market options, the Bristol Port Company selected the high accuracy E-Sea Fix CAT III PPU, which is manufactured by Danish company Marimatech, and supplied by Atlantas Marine Ltd.  The E-Sea Fix PPU is the pilot’s own navigator, enabling the pilot to plan routes and display the vessels current position and essential navigational data on a portable, and easy to use computer display.  

E-Sea Fix is an invaluable aid to navigation, designed to decrease the pilot’s workload.

The Chairman of the Bristol Pilots, Paul Chase said of the system “Having a robust system that is easily set up is paramount and the E-Sea Fix system fits the bill exactly. Coupled with the excellent battery life, wire-free connection and portability this system has proven to be a superb tool. The high accuracy of RTK gives us the ability to man oeuvre ships more safely in the tideway and it will also give us greater confidence in restricted visibility.  An added bonus is the ability to record then playback a particular docking or sailing which can then be used to train junior pilots.

Portability, ease of use,  the ability to use the Port’s existing RTK network for high accuracy positioning,  combined with Marimatech’s strong market reputation, were all key considerations in the selection of the E-Sea Fix PPU.

Charlie Foll (M.D. Atlantas Marine) said that “This was a significant sale for Atlantas Marine, which follows on the heels of recent sales to the ports of Milford Haven, Southampton and Harwich.  The sale to Bristol Port builds on our successful roll-out of the E-Sea Fix PPU to U.K. and Irish ports”.