VideoRay Pro 4: Alantas Marine Fish Farm Trials

VideoRay Pro 4: Alantas Marine Fish Farm Trials

Atlantas Marine recently participated in ROV trials at aquaculture sites in the Republic of Ireland, during which the performance of the Pro 4 was commended. It was found that the portability, power and ease of use of the ROV makes tasks such as net and mooring inspection, stock monitoring and mort retrieval effective and efficient.

The VideoRay Pro 4 ROV offers a simple and cost-effective solution to necessary aquaculture inspection work with pens, nets, mooring points, stock health, and feeding – without the expense of divers and from a comfortable, warm, dry location. The portable ROV system can easily be moved around the platform by one person to access areas of interest on both the interior and exterior of the netting as well as confirming the integrity of mooring points. You can quickly identify potential fish loss through rapid net inspections, find expensive lost equipment, perform regulatory compliance work, monitor feeding habits, and recover morts with the VideoRay Aquaculture ROV Configuration's robotic grabber arm. 

Using the VideoRay eliminates potential safety risks, and eliminates exposing divers to unsafe conditions. The agile and simple-to-pilot submersible can be equipped with up to 2,000 ft (600 m) of tether. It captures high quality video and still images directly to the ROV computer's hard drive - easy to access, edit, and deliver in popular video and image formats.

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