VideoRay Pro 4 - Filming Great White Sharks in HD

VideoRay Pro 4 - Filming Great White Sharks in HD

​The Great White Shark is nature’s most perfect predator. The ocean’s most iconic animal has always been the subject of massive media interest, extensive scientific study and intense fear.  When the National Geographic Channel decided to feature the Great White, they required the world’s leading underwater inspection equipment - the VideoRay Pro 4 HD.

The program documents a unique process where the sharks are hooked and brought aboard a vessel to perform a number of scientific procedures including satellite tagging. The ultimate goal is basic – to learn more about the social interaction, behavioural structure, and breeding patterns of this species that has been swimming the world’s oceans for approximately 16 million years.

The VideoRay Pro 4 ROV fitted with a custom High Definition video camera, was deployed from the M/V Ocean in Guadalupe Island, Mexico to gather unique underwater video of the shark. This technique was effective in gathering footage that could not be acquired by the normal method of using divers in shark cages. The HD camera allowed incredible broadcast quality video to be collected and stored locally on the ROV for download at the end of the job, whilst standard resolution video was sent up the umbilical to allow the cameraman to compose his shots. This eliminated any need for fibre optic transmissions which can be expensive and unreliable.

The Pro 4 is part of an industry-wide initiative led by VideoRay (the largest volume ROV manufacturer in the world) to go beyond separate “point” technology solutions to a “systems” approach to solving underwater tasks. The crew of the M/V Ocean found this particularly useful as they were able to focus entirely on the sharks without concern about how one component was cabled to another, or which was documented where. The Pro 4 series ROVs is sold in configurations such as the PS (Port Security Configuration) and CD (Commercial Dive Configuration) designed to solve a limitless range of underwater tasks.

See the VideoRay ROV in action in Expedition Great White – The Perfect Catch