‚ÄčThe purpose of the Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) is to ensure that a vessel is under the control of the Officer of the Watch at all times and to ensure the wheel house is never unmanned. This will become a mandatory requirement for many vessels in 2011.

BNWAS is essential for companies running a "one man bridge" operation. To prevent the system alarming, it must be reset at periodic intervals, or activated using an optional PIR motion sensor.

The AMI system is fully type approved and designed to be unobtrusive, yet easy to use. This smart touch screen system integrates with existing bridge alarms and is fully type approved to the latest IMO standards. Outputs from BNWAS include a third stage

active watch alarm for the general ship alarm and a fourth stage to activate the Ship Security Alert System (SSAS).


Meets all IMO requirements
Optional PIR Motion Sensor. No need to keep hitting button every 3-12 minutes
4th Stage alarm for connection to SSAS
Engine stop option
Polycarbonate display is extremely tough and durable - no buttons to wear out

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