GoPro LiveFeed

GoPro LiveFeed

​The VideoRay GoPro® Live Feed is a High Definition camera option that allows operators to see what their GoPro® camera is filming in realtime, making it easier to frame shots and capture the right angle the first time, every time.

The GoPro® Live Feed accessory provides a real-time, standard definition view of the high resolution footage being recorded by the attached GoPro®. With an upgraded High Definition montor, the footage can be seen in its full resolution. All video footage is recorded in high resolution.

In addition to a more informed filming experience, the GoPro® Live Feed also extends the camera’s battery life. The GoPro® is powered through the tether, which means filming can last as long as there is room on the camera’s memory card.

The GoPro® Live Feed is delivered with a VideoRay Integration Kit, which includes all the mounts, cables, and software necessary for operation. The GoPro® Live Feed is only compatible with VideoRay Pro 4 ROV Systems (external monitor recommended).


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