Hawk Integration Board

Hawk Integration Board

​The LYYN HAWK Board is the ideal solution for integrating Lyyn video enhancement technology into existing camera or ROV systems. The kit consists of a lyyn board and control panel, and can easily be retro-fitted to a range of equipment. The lyyn hawk board is now available as an option for all new VideoRay ROV systems.

A thin “membrane” panel is included with the HAWK BOARD. It can be mounted and sealed to a flat surface with an adhesive. If the application requires a water tight seal LYYN recommends some extra mechanical mounting. The panel is connected to the HAWK BOARD with a flat cable (included). User controls: On/Off, LYYNification level in 9 steps, Selection Window On/Off.


PAL or NTSC video, auto sensing, micro connectors on the board
S-Video (separate luminance and chrominance)
Direct Analog Bypass when unit is powerless
Two control ports, one for control panel (a standard panel included) and one for software control through a RS interface
Nominal input voltage: 12 Vdc, 0.1 A


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