KCF Smart Tether

KCF Smart Tether

​Smart Tether, a complete ROV navigation system, offers you unmatched operation of your VideoRay system. The Smart Tether system, which includes tether, control box, ultra-mobile PC and software, is designed to meet multiple missions and tested to survive extreme environments. No matter what your mission, the Smart Tether system makes it smarter, faster, safer, and easier.

With Smart Tether, there’s no need for transponders and no need for complicated set-up, measurement, and training. Since the sensors are embedded in the tether, you won’t need extra wires and batteries, either. It’s a “drop and go” system.

The Smart Tether is available from Atlantas Marine for both purchase and rental

Navigate in Real Time

The Smart Tether system’s fast refresh rate gives your crew instant and accurate information about your VideoRay submersible's position. This real-time navigation facilitates missions that require precise operation, including: close-up ship hull inspection, rescue and recovery work, ordnance location, and homeland security operations.

GPS Enabled

Tides, currents, and wave dynamics make precise ROV navigation using a fixed point nearly impossible. Smart Tether can be adapted with GPS to help you navigate your ROV from a moving point.

Robust and Tough

Smart Tether was designed to outlast your toughest mission. It’s been tested and used in extreme environments.


  • Law and Drug Enforcement
  • Search and Rescue
  • Homeland Security
  • Offshore Drilling
  • Inland and Offshore Inspections

Smart Tether Interface

The Smart Tether user interface and display makes navigation in the field simple, smart, and safe. The system features a smart user interface that displays the position of your ROV and tether, as well as video and sonar images. Smart Tether even provides a position history of visual and sonar scans so your operators know what areas have already been searched.

The powerful ultra-mobile PC included with the Smart Tether features simple, intuitive touch-screen operation and easily fits within your standard VideoRay Integrated Control Box for operation and storage.


Smart Tether includes a series of sensors and nodes embedded in your VideoRay tether. These nodes use acceleration, magnetic, and rate-gyro sensors to measure the orientation and track the position of your ROV and tether. This data is then transmitted to the control box and displayed on your computer screen in real time.


Accurate:The Smart Tether accuracy is 4.5 feet or better, depending on the deployment configuration
Real-time:Smart Tether position updates are fast, showing the dynamic motion of the tether and VideoRay
Scan History:Smart Tether gives position history of Visual or SONAR scan
Winchable:Smart Tether sensors accommodate the standard VideoRay Tether Deployment System


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