StratumFive Ship Security Alert Systems provide significant operational value for ship operators that are either looking to upgrade their existing INMARSAT D+ SSAS, consolidate their fleet with a single provider or simply wish to improve security with a dedicated standalone system.

SeaGuard LITE is aSTANDARD dedicated SOLAS X1.2.6 type approved standalone system that operates on the new INMARSAT IsatDataPro (IDP) satellite network. Designed to meet regulations with on board test functions, up to two separate alert zones and GPS jamming notification. New installations come inclusive of all cabling and alert button requirements. If upgrading from legacy D+ SSAS systems, operators can take advantage of utilising existing SSAS cable runs, reducing upgrade or consolidation deployment and avoiding any technician charges.


  • SeaGuard LITE is automatically integrated with StratumFive's OTiS software that will receive and direct all Ship Security Alerts to the company security officer, competent authorities, regional co-ordination centres, high risk patrols and or flag authorities via priority email and SMS . By integrating your SSAS into OTiS there is no need to have multiple recipient addresses stored and maintained at terminal end. Furthermore OTiS will be able to configure and control SSAS terminal tests in a supervisory status, reducing time and resources during periodical maintenance. Clients will also benefit from unlimited alert recipients and the ability to remotely reset terminal in alert.
  • Tracking is a standard provision with StratumFive's alert service. SeaGuard LITE automatically transmits a daily system report inclusive of position, course and speed. These reports can be increased to provide a vessel tracking service. The frequency of position reports can be automatically adjusted from once a day down to every 15 minutes depending on individual tracking or monitoring needs. The tracking reports are instantly displayed via online tracking and information software, OTiS.
  • OTiS instantly displays security alerts and automatic position reports sent from the SeaGuard LITE and referenced against real time location based information to provide users with a detailed view of a vessel’s movements and performance with configurable email notifications. OTiS also correlates meteorological observations, forecasts, tropical storm warnings and piracy activity against vessel positions serving a complete fleet tracking and optimisation solution. The comprehensive security alert module manages alert messages and recipient lists as well as simplified testing functions with audit trails.

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