SPOT.ON Survey System

SPOT.ON Survey System

​SPOT.ON, the patented data logging software developed by Ocean Modules, allows operators to record sonar, video, and position data from an ROV or other moving object in real-time.

Any type of data can be collected by SPOT.ON, but the most common are sonar and video. This data is connected to a track, overlaid on a drawing, map or chart. Any part of the recorded data is instantly viewable and playable by simply clicking anywhere on the track, or on one of the Attention Points in the list.

SPOT.ON automatically generates a fully annotated report, with images, map and any other available data, which can be immediately provided to a customer upon completion of an inspection. The entire survey may also be replayed from a DVD.

Although SPOT.ON was originally designed for underwater use, it is ideal for recording any type of data that is geo- referenced. The Swedish Police have used SPOT.ON with video recorded from a helicopter to visualize sequences of events following an armored car robbery.  The US Navy EOD Divers use SPOT.ON as part of the DHINS system for ship hull inspections. SPOT.ON is also used for pipe inspections, nuclear power plant cooling tunnel inspections, survey planning, research and harbour control.

Ocean Modules can provide SPOT.ON modules for virtually any type of equipment, such as cable trackers, echo sounders, side-scan sonars and CP probes. Modules can automatically trigger Attention Points, such as when a certain value has been recorded or a specific time has been reached.

The new self-contained rack- mounted SPOT.ON hardware unit, Ocean Modules SOX2, comes with everything required to immediately start recording. Simply plug in existing data sources and turn it on.


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